To start wingsurfing, a relatively longer board is ideal for getting you going. The Slab boards being perfect all rounder.

The Slabs feature very short lengths with limited swing weight to make them ultra easy to fly and turn. Extremely versatile machines which have a diverse array of uses:


1. As a Foil board:


  • Excellent stubby shape with concave bottom to assist early lift

  • Rounded chined rails forward transitioning to harder aft rails for release with kicker in the rocker line

  • Deck is slightly concave with a slight double concave at the front foot which fits under the arch of the front foot aiding a more planted front foot

  • Various footstrap insert options for a variety of different uses


2. As a Wing Foil board:

When the wind picks up, get rid of the paddle and pump up the wing ding. So much effortless foiling fun. 

3. With a Windsurf Foil:


Add a mast box and additional footstrap inserts and windsurfing is yet another option.

The Slabs have US boxes to reduce weight and allow for some adjustments.


If we haven't got it in stock we can order it for you.


Sizes: 5’8″ x 29″ x 100L | 6’0″ x 29″ | 6’3″ x 29.5″ x 115L | 6’6″ x 30″ x 128L | 6’9″ x 32″ x143L

Smik Slab Foil Board