One may say that many of the prone boards are starting to look the same. However, there are small subtle differences that separate the SMIK prone boards from the rest. 

The rocker needs to the be the right blend of flatness to initiate speed to catch the wave whilst having enough nose flip to stop pearling as you need to keep the nose of the board down attached to the wave before you get to your feet and start foiling.


Rails are chined to avoiding bogging when the hull may come down in contact with the water's surface. 


Bottom shape is concaved in the nose for lift transitioning to a flat section where the foil attaches.


Deck shape is slightly concave at the front foot with a double concave underfoot supporting the arch of the foot providing front foot steering control whilst flying. 

The new chined bottom shape is all about releasing water when rising onto foil and inadvertent touch downs with minimal drag when you do tough the water whilst up and flying.  The hip in the chine leading to the diamond tail is also the most effective way of releasing water effortlessly. 

But once you get up and going, the shorter lengths, with less swing weight are a joy to fly and surf.

The ability to still float whilst getting going being the key, for once you go too small, you start being in no mans land. 


Sizes: 4'8" x  25.5" x 75L | 5’0″ x 26″ x 82L | 5’3″ x 27″ x 91L | 5’6″ x 28.5″ x 100L

SMIK Prone Foil Board

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