2020 Airush Progression Bar V3 45-52cm - 4L - Complete


Reliable & easy to use control system.
Compatible with all 4 line Airush kites.
Easy to reach color coded Pull-Pull tabs.


The Progression Bar is a no fuss, easy to use, and reliable Pull-Pull control system. With industry standard safety and strength, the Progression bar features 45-52cm adjustable bar ends, which allows it to be used on any Airush 4 line kite. Together with 24m flying lines (with 10m and 14m extensions), the Progression Bar complies with IKO and BKSA teaching standards with the Low Y on the center lines - allowing for a quick single line flag out.



Introducing the IQR, a completely redesigned quick release system that allows for a single-handed release, and reset. The all-new connection point sets the industry standard in safety, reliability, and usability. The durable injection molded TPU harness loop, and locking tube provide a comfortable attachment to your harness hook. In addition to the single line flag out system, the IQR features a low friction, enlarged spinning handle for easier line untwisting.



The Cleat Bar comes standard with the medium loop and medium locking tube.



The pull-pull system makes use of two color-coded toggles for power trimming. This system gives the exact amount of depower and power needed for Airush kites. Pull on the red toggle for less power, and pull on the blue toggle for more power.



Bringing in a new design to the Airush safety release system, not only has the quick release been completely redesigned, so has the loop that it attaches to, making it easier to reassemble. This ensures a safer and more reliable release when you find yourself in a sticky situation.

2021 Airush Progression V3 Bar & Lines


    45cm - 52cm Adjustable.

    4 Line Bar.


    24m total = 1m leader lines + 9m lower lines + 14m upper lines


    Easy to reset IQR.

    Short leash with clips.

    Adjustable bar ends.


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