We teach kitesurfing lessons at the best flat water locations in the Margaret River Region, including Augusta and Bunbury. View location maps HERE

We sell a range of great equipment in our kitesurfing shop. We also have a windsurfing shop.




Get Started!

Includes Safety - Weather & Site Selection, Safety Systems, 4 Line Setup, Launch & Land, Neutral & Power Zones, Power Drag through water in Harness.




Includes Safety Review, More Downwind Body Dragging, Upwind Body Drag through water in Harness to Retrieve Board, Water Relaunch, Waterstart Practice with Board, Possibly Ride on Board.


Become Independent!

Independently assess weather and site conditions. Setup and self-launch the kite alone, practice riding on the board, ride both ways, edge the board and ride upwind, self land the kite.

Its all ABOUT lifestyle. To let you in on the BIG SECRET about Kitesurfing - getting fit is a by-product of having FUN!




Gift cards are available for lessons. It's easy to order below.

Note: gift cards are valid for one year from date of purchase and lessons are available seasonally from November to April only. It's necessary to book a lesson to redeem a lesson gift card.


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